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How can I use POS T.REX to make logistics processes more efficient?


POS T.REX allows you to completely rethink logistics processes: shift time-consuming and expensive processes from the store to your logistics. Pick fully automated, according to consumption and demand in the POS T.REX Multiway Product Carrier.

This saves time and costs and protects the environment.


Transport with conventional packaging:

  • Different packaging sizes
  • Different packaging materials
  • Much residual waste
  • Elaborate commissioning
  • More costs because more work steps
  • Risk of damage
  • Poor handling and risk of injury
  • Products can slip in the carton

Transport with the POS T.REX:

  • Uniform standardized size
  • Less handling effort and thus cost-saving
  • Replaces the outer and transport packaging
  • Protects the goods and their employees
  • Product and data carriers in one
  • Unbreakable
  • Easy to handle
  • Boxes interlock – thus no danger of tipping over
  • Load securing through front closure

Transport with the POS T.REX goods carrier

How was the transport of your goods easier: different packaging materials, different packaging sizes, tons of waste and cargo that is difficult to secure are a thing of the past. POS T.REX is the perfect Multiway Product Carrier to protect your products. POS T.REX is the perfect data carrier for controlling and tracking your goods throughout the entire value chain.

This makes POS T.REX revolutionary!

Data & Goods

avoids packaging waste

& protects



Packaging with the POS T.REX - Product Carrier

POS T.REX can be used continuously from the first filling/picking in production to the trading floor in the store. Repackaging and transport packaging are no longer necessary. Foil or similar packaging material becomes obsolete.

This not only makes processes easier – it also saves time and money. POS T.REX can be cleaned again after use in retail and returned to the pooling provider. There, the cycle of POS T.REX starts all over again.

With the savings on outer packaging, several tons of plastic and paper can be saved over the course of a year.

This makes POS T.REX revolutionary!

POS T.REX is versatile

POS T.REX connects processes and sets new standards. From industry, to retail, to the point of sale or point of consumption, to the consumer. This is what makes POS T.REX so special.

POS T.REX is the solution for picking, transporting, placing and presenting goods.

A product carrier that covers all requirements while saving time, costs, waste and energy.

That is revolutionary.


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