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How can I use POS T.REX to make logistics processes more efficient?


POS T.REX allows you to comple­tely rethink logi­stics proces­ses: shift time-consum­ing and expen­sive proces­ses from the store to your logi­stics. Pick fully auto­ma­ted, accor­ding to consump­tion and demand in the POS T.REX Multi­way Product Carrier.

This saves time and costs and protects the envi­ron­ment.


Transport with conventional packaging:

  • Diffe­rent pack­a­ging sizes
  • Diffe­rent pack­a­ging mate­ri­als
  • Much resi­dual waste
  • Elabo­rate commis­sio­ning
  • More costs because more work steps
  • Risk of damage
  • Poor hand­ling and risk of injury
  • Products can slip in the carton

Transport with the POS T.REX:

  • Uniform stan­dar­di­zed size
  • Less hand­ling effort and thus cost-saving
  • Replaces the outer and trans­port pack­a­ging
  • Protects the goods and their employees
  • Product and data carri­ers in one
  • Unbre­aka­ble
  • Easy to handle
  • Boxes interlock — thus no danger of tipping over
  • Load secu­ring through front closure

Transport with the POS T.REX goods carrier

How was the trans­port of your goods easier: diffe­rent pack­a­ging mate­ri­als, diffe­rent pack­a­ging sizes, tons of waste and cargo that is diffi­cult to secure are a thing of the past. POS T.REX is the perfect Multi­way Product Carrier to protect your products. POS T.REX is the perfect data carrier for control­ling and track­ing your goods throug­hout the entire value chain.

This makes POS T.REX revo­lu­tio­nary!

Data & Goods

avoids packaging waste

& protects



Packaging with the POS T.REX — Product Carrier

POS T.REX can be used conti­nuously from the first filling/picking in produc­tion to the trading floor in the store. Repack­a­ging and trans­port pack­a­ging are no longer neces­sary. Foil or simi­lar pack­a­ging mate­rial beco­mes obso­lete.

This not only makes proces­ses easier — it also saves time and money. POS T.REX can be clea­ned again after use in retail and retur­ned to the pooling provi­der. There, the cycle of POS T.REX starts all over again.

With the savings on outer pack­a­ging, seve­ral tons of plas­tic and paper can be saved over the course of a year.

This makes POS T.REX revo­lu­tio­nary!

POS T.REX is versatile

POS T.REX connects proces­ses and sets new stan­dards. From indus­try, to retail, to the point of sale or point of consump­tion, to the consu­mer. This is what makes POS T.REX so special.

POS T.REX is the solu­tion for picking, trans­port­ing, placing and presen­ting goods.

A product carrier that covers all requi­re­ments while saving time, costs, waste and energy.

That is revo­lu­tio­nary.


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