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How can I place and present products with POS T.REX?


Because POS T.REX can be used not only as a Product Carrier, but in combination with several POS T.REX Product Carriers can become a whole shelf area, it is very easy to redesign the retail space.


Presenting with the POS T.REX Multiway Product Carrier

Placing products optimally at the front of the Product Carrier and at the same time always ensuring optimum stock levels is no problem with POS T.REX. The goods are always presented visibly and within easy reach thanks to integrated feed technology. The built-in sensor technology from the company neoalto, ensures perfect inventory management. The filling of the Product Carrier happens in the central warehouse and not on the surface. This saves time, money and is sustainable,
as product replenishment is also optimized through predictive anaslytics.

This makes POS T.REX revolutionary!

Flow of goods


goods availability

POS T.REX is versatile

POS T.REX connects processes and sets new standards. From industry, to retail, to the point of sale or point of consumption, to the consumer. This is what makes POS T.REX so special.

POS T.REX is the solution for picking, transporting, placing and presenting goods.

A Product Carrier that covers all requirements while saving time, costs, waste and energy.

That is revolutionary.


What is the vision of POS T.REX?

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How can I optimize industrial processes with POS T.REX?

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How can I make logistics processes more efficient with POS T.REX?

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How can I design promotional placements with POS T.REX?

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