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Inventory management in food retail (LEH)

Optimize your inventory management in no time

Offering the shopper the desired product in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right place - that is the common goal. Be sure that you can offer your shoppers the availability of goods. Inventory management is child's play for you with the innovative solution from our partner neoalto.

Ensure perfect product availability at the point of sale

90% of the reasons for poor product availability can be found in the branch. Even if the products are missing from the shelf, in most cases they are in stock in the warehouse. But the shopper cannot buy them there. Intelligent sensors, on the other hand, register every movement of goods immediately. As soon as the reorder level has been reached on the shelf, the article appears on the retailer’s digital restocking list. Ideally, this is displayed on a monitor in the branch warehouse. Market employees can then immediately clear away the running out of goods or order new ones. In this way, the availability of goods at the point of sale is guaranteed at all times through intelligent inventory management.

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Inventory optimization through real-time data

In this way you ensure optimal availability of goods at all times

With the nealto solutions, you not only ensure perfect availability of goods on the shelf, but also gain real-time data that you can use for market research. The nealto StockBeacon is placed behind the goods pusher and measures the stock on the shelf based on the latest laser technology. The availability of goods is then passed on to the neoalto Retail Service Cloud in real time, which is accessible to the user via digital devices. For better goods management at the POS, orders can even be triggered automatically. This saves you and your employees valuable time.

Prevention of theft through intelligent goods availability management

The intelligent sensors of our nealto StockBeacons register every movement of goods and immediately transmit them to the branch system. This is an elegant way to counteract theft. In the case of unusual removals, the potential thief is also brought out of anonymity by an attention-grabbing, direct approach. Market studies show: The theft rate drops by up to 90% with sales remaining the same. Convince yourself of our smart solutions for theft prevention and inventory management optimization!

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Success factor inventory management

With the intelligent solutions from POS TUNING, you achieve better product availability at the point of sale and can optimize your inventory management in no time at all. If you need individual advice on inventory optimization, please feel free to contact us.

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