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A real eye-catcher – effective sales promotion at the POS

What is meant by sales promotion at the POS

With sales promotion measures at the so-called POS, you form the basis for a continuous increase in sales. POS comes from the English and literally means the point of sale, i.e. the actual point of sale of a product. Not only in marketing, but especially in sales promotion, the point of sale plays a major role, since statistically more than 60% of your customers only decide on the spot which item they will actually buy. With a cleverly staged and attractively designed POS, this decision can therefore be significantly influenced, especially in the B2C sector. Since the point on sale is the last opportunity to present a product to the customer and make it palatable, it should be given special consideration when putting together a marketing mix. The term POS sales promotion is therefore now used to describe all measures to promote sales by targeting customers at the point of sale. From merchandise carriers that put products in the spotlight, to advertising banners and display animations, to sale promotions or tastings, there are virtually no limits to creativity here. However, the more precisely the sales promotion measures are tailored to your customers, the more successful you will be. Newly established companies in particular can take advantage of the active promotion of their own products and services and thus establish themselves on the market and build up initial customer loyalty.
With sensibly implemented sales promotion measures at the POS, you can achieve initial and follow-up purchases, significantly improve the buying experience of your shoppers, increase customer frequency and retain your customers. An appealing POS also encourages spontaneous purchases and increases product sales.

The different ways of sales promotion at the POS

A wide range of measures is available to you for sales promotion at the POS. To give you an initial idea of what these sales promotion measures can look like, we have collected some examples here:

  • Discounting and special prices stimulate motivation for spontaneous purchases and are a popular way of generating attention and attracting walk-in customers, especially in outdoor areas in the form of poster stands.
  • Sweepstakes or raffles improve the interaction with your customers and increase the willingness to buy if the chance of winning is high.
  • Product samples and tastings invite you to try them out and increase the likelihood of your customers buying.
  • Additional information in the form of flyers, catalogs or brochures encourages shoppers to take action and increases the number of additional purchases.
  • The last but probably most significant sales promotion measure is a clear store layout. A structured salesroom with a well thought-out presentation of goods helps your customer find his way around and leaves a good and, above all, lasting impression. This is where we come in:

Poor visibility and orientation for shoppers
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Perfect visibility to the last product
and neat fabric

Targeted sales promotion with POS TUNING systems

Our systems make a significant contribution to sales promotion at the POS. You want to know how? It’s simple: our cost- and time-saving systems for optimal product presentation can be flexibly adapted to your ideas, highlighting even the slowest-selling areas in your store, ensuring perfect visibility of all your items and thus increasing not only your customers’ shopping experience, but also your sales in particular. And your employees will also thank you if you use our POS systems – they save time and make shelf maintenance easier. Whether beverages, drugstore items, tobacco products, confectionery, products at the fresh food counter or frozen goods: our success is no coincidence. You too can rely on our POS systems and let the numbers speak for themselves. For further information as well as for questions about sales promotion at the POS, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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