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Practical utensils

Perfect price labeling

With perfect price labe­l­ing on the shelf, you score points with your custo­mers. Take advan­tage of POS TUNING’s solu­ti­ons for opti­mi­zed pricing. We offer a wide range of opti­ons for digi­tal price labe­l­ing at the point of sale. Let the solu­ti­ons for perfect shelf labe­l­ing from POS TUNING convince you.

The right solution for every need

ESL rails

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ESL Accessories

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Rails for the electronic price tags

You would like to convince not only with the perfect shelf arran­ge­ment, but also to posi­tion your offer at the point of sale at any time in a promo­tio­nally effec­tive way? With the POS‑T moun­ting rails for Elec­tro­nic Shelf Labels (ESL), you can imple­ment price labe­l­ing, adver­ti­sing, and master space protec­tion on the shelf.

The POS TUNING moun­ting rails provide a firm hold for the elec­tro­nic price labels. Both the assem­bly and disas­sem­bly of the labels is simple and requi­res no tools. The full-surface label protec­tor is the perfect solu­tion for your labe­l­ing on the shelf.

Thanks to high-quality plas­tic, our POS TUNING fastening systems convince with their dura­bi­lity. They are ideal for atta­ching adver­ti­sing mate­ri­als (wobblers, high­ligh­ters, frames, etc.) to all stan­dard shel­ves.

ESL Schiene - Preisauszeichnung

Your benefit

  • For all common shel­ves and smooth surfaces
  • For various ESL manu­fac­tu­r­ers and series (Hanshow Nebu­lar, SES Imago­tag Vusion, SoluM and many more)
  • Attach­ment of adver­ti­sing mate­rial possi­ble, e.g. wobblers, high­ligh­ters, etc.
  • Stable design, even with regu­lar change of signs
  • Secure mounting/dismounting due to anti-theft unlo­cking mecha­nism (patend pending)
  • Dura­bi­lity due to high quality plas­tic
  • Perfect protec­tion of the ESL due to firm hold and full coverage of the labels
  • Stan­dard colors: white and anthr­acite (from 500 m purchase: all colors possi­ble)

Accessories for electronic price labeling

You would like to convince not only with the perfect ESL rails, but also to high­light your offer and your products at the point of sale in a promo­tio­nally effec­tive way? With a wide range of access­ories for Elec­tro­nic Shelf Labels (ESL), you can imple­ment price marking, adver­ti­sing and labe­l­ing directly on the shelf.

Our POS TUNING moun­ting systems are suita­ble for atta­ching adver­ti­sing mate­ri­als such as hooks, high­ligh­ters, clamps, ceiling suspen­si­ons and much more. And the best part is that at POS TUNING you get ever­y­thing from a single source.


POS TUNING offers space for advertising on ESL rail

Bad Salzu­flen. (bre) The chan­geo­ver from clas­sic price labels to elec­tro­nic shelf labels (ESL for short) is in full swing. Retail­ers from a wide range of indus­tries need to think about how they will apply the new price labels to their shel­ves, displays or refri­ge­ra­ted display units. ESL rails, on which the elec­tro­nic price tags are placed, are the simp­lest and fastest solu­tion.

But with the chan­geo­ver to the new price tags and the asso­cia­ted switch to new moun­ting opti­ons, the condi­ti­ons for brand messa­ges or bran­ding are also chan­ging. Whereas with clas­sic labels it was always possi­ble to simply stick some­thing on or pull some­thing in, this is rather diffi­cult with ESL rails due to the contour. So where is there space for adver­ti­sing and how can it be placed?

Günter Schalück (Custo­mer Direc­tor Retail) is POS TUNING expert for the ESL rail sector. He looks after a number of custo­mers who are alre­ady grap­pling with the conver­sion issue and knows the chal­lenges custo­mers now face.

Does the switch to ESL rails now mean the end of advertising on the shelf? Günter Schalück has a clear answer to this:

“No. It just means that we have to come up with new ways and solu­ti­ons to get in touch with our custo­mers. But we dealt with the issue some time ago and have come up with crea­tive solu­ti­ons.”

“What exactly is the problem with the placement of advertising or promotional materials?”

Günter Schalück: “That’s quite simple: With the previous and in some cases still used price rails, adver­ti­sing or a brand message could simply be stuck on or pulled in because the surface of the rails was flat. Now the prere­qui­site is diffe­rent. The ESL rail, due to its special nature, offers no possi­bi­lity for this.”

“But there is a solution?”

Günter Schalück: “Oh yes. We have deve­lo­ped a number of solu­ti­ons that can easily turn the ESL rail into an adver­ti­sing medium. For exam­ple, there are retrac­ta­ble strips that can be prin­ted indi­vi­du­ally. This means that the shelf fronts can still be used as an adver­ti­sing medium or can even be presen­ted in the brand manufacturer’s corpo­rate design. But that is not all. We also offer so-called rear plugs, which are placed around the elec­tro­nic price tag like a frame and protrude slightly at the sides. Here, too, an adver­ti­sing message can be prin­ted or the surface can be desi­gned in some other way. In addi­tion, there are small plugs that are inser­ted behind the label and can be provi­ded with a logo or message on the edge. So there’s a wide range of opti­ons that make a big impact with little effort.”

But if the price tags are placed elsewhere, yes sometimes there is no rail to brand. Does that then mean: No rail — no advertising?

Günter Schalück: ” No, that’s not what it means at all! For exam­ple, we have display stands for coun­ters or ceiling hangers that can also be desi­gned — either with a brand message or in an indi­vi­dual design. Howe­ver, rails can also be hung in refri­ge­ra­tion units — this means that the retailer can place its price tags and adver­ti­sing even in places where rails were not origi­nally inten­ded.

“Everything is talking about ESL. The technology simplifies price labeling, which can now always be updated with little effort. The labels are rather compact by design. What is special about attaching these labels?”

Günter Schalück: “The labels must be both easy to attach and move. At the same time, howe­ver, they should remain in the rail and must not fall out of their ancho­rage or be stolen by unaut­ho­ri­zed persons. Our rail is desi­gned to meet all these requi­re­ments thanks to its special cons­truc­tion.”

But with so many electronic price tags attached to a rail, there’s not much room in between for advertising, is there?

“This is certainly not easy in some cases, as the labels some­ti­mes cover logos or lette­ring. Here, howe­ver, the design of the retrac­ta­ble strips offers enough space, for an eye-catching appearance. Logos can be prin­ted on the strips at regu­lar inter­vals, so they appear over and over again across the entire surface.

Do customers have to take care of the printing themselves?

“We offer the complete package. We print the strips and fit the rails with them as well. We also deli­ver all other products to our custo­mers ready prin­ted.”

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