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Hygienic sneeze guards
for every cash register

POS TUNING has sold more hygienic sneeze guards than any other company since the pandemic. Protect your employees and customers now, because we have a solution for every cash register! Our further developed, innovative checkout solution is flexible and adapts to any checkout counter.


The POS -T hygienc guards offer:

  • Applicable for all types of cash registers
  • Up to 360° all-round protection
  • Made in Germany
  • Simple zone conversion
  • Fast cleaning
  • High quality look
  • Made of impact and break-resistant PETG
  • Optimal availability and accessibility
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Product information:
Simple modular system: basic equipment consists of front and packing zone protection but can easily be extended to include back and door protection.
Application: Cash zones in food retail
Material: Modular plexiglass (impact and break resistant PETG in 3 mm thickness)
Dimensions:Back protection from 705 mm to 1,360 mm Front protection from 695 mm to 1,335 mm Packing zone from 415 mm to 745 mm Door protection from 590 mm to 880 mm Height of the parts from the surface cash desk 900mm Do you need other dimensions? Please contact us.


Questions about the POS-T hygienic sneeze guards

1. What is the advantage of POS-T hygienic sneeze guards over a front screen only?

A complete cash register containment in food retail ensures the greatest possible protection, both for your staff and for the customer. Your safety and the safety of others should be managed as best as possible, so only a front window is not ideal for this area of application.

2. How quickly can a conversion be carried out?

The installation of the hygienic sneeze guards on your cash zone can be done during operating hours. A single cash register with the standard solution of our hygienic sneeze guard can be converted in approx. 45 minutes by trained personnel. Individual solutions can take about 25 – 50% longer, depending on the type of cash register.

3. We have a variety of different cash zones/registers - how will this be solved?

We also have solutions for different checkout types in one store! The components for the hygienic sneeze guards are designed to be adaptable for a wide range of checkout counters on site without cutting. The fixation to the cash registers is done via universal connection brackets.

4. Can I also remove the hygienic sneeze guards later if necessary?

Removing the POS-T hygienic sneeze guards from your cash register is trouble-free and easy. The drill holes can be closed later with expanding rivets.

5. How can the POS-T hygienic sneeze guard be cleaned?

The hygienic sneeze guards should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and the cleaners approved by us.

6. Are the POS-T hygienic sneeze guards unbreakable?

POS TUNING’s hygienic sneeze guards for cash zones are made from impact-resistant PETG, which can withstand high loads without breaking.

7. Can individual parts of the hygienic sneeze guards be replaced?

Yes, the individual components are connected by expanding rivets which, in the event of replacement, can be removed and replaced by hand in a non-destructive manner.

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