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Optimize your product presentation in retail

Perfect retail product presentation — 100% visibility of all products

A perfect presen­ta­tion of your products in retail increa­ses the impulse purchase rate and thus your sales. Custo­mers usually have little time and decide on a product in a matter of seconds, so perfect product presen­ta­tion is of great importance. Our point of sale systems guaran­tee you opti­mal product presen­ta­tion in retail. The POS TUNING systems offer your custo­mers opti­mal visi­bi­lity from the first to the last product. In addi­tion, they can orien­tate them­sel­ves better and find all the desi­red items at first glance. Visual out of stocks – i.e. custo­mers who cannot find the product they want even though it is available – are thus perma­nently avoided. With POS TUNING, a neat and well-groo­med product image prevails in your retail trade – a perfect product presen­ta­tion for your retail trade! The shelf main­ten­ance effort for your employees is also signi­fi­cantly redu­ced by our point of sale systems. This gives your employees more time for custo­mer service and selling the goods. In addi­tion, the point of sale systems in retail not only provide an opti­mal presen­ta­tion of goods, but also simple stocking of goods and opti­mum avai­la­bi­lity are guaran­teed at all times.

Revolutionary presentation of goods in retail through permanent front presentation

We not only offer you an opti­mi­zed presen­ta­tion of goods in retail, but a perma­nent presen­ta­tion of your goods on the shelf front. In this way, your custo­mers are offe­red perma­nent visi­bi­lity and tangi­bi­lity, as well as custo­mer-friendly removal. Proba­bly the most popu­lar point of sale system for the perfect presen­ta­tion of goods in retail is the push-pull system. With the push-pull systems from POS TUNING, the items are always exactly where the custo­mer is looking for them — right on the shelf front. We offer you the right push-pull system for every product for opti­mal product presen­ta­tion in retail. Regard­less of whether it is a push-pull system for drugs­tore items, for free­zers or for products with a fixed width. Univer­sal goods feed systems, for exam­ple for sweets or feed systems for pack­a­ging trays, are also part of our point of sale systems. In addi­tion, we offer you to deve­lop indi­vi­dual combi­na­ti­ons of diffe­rent goods pusher systems from our POS‑T modu­lar system. The pack­a­ging can be desi­gned indi­vi­du­ally, and the mate­rial of the pack­a­ging is also irrele­vant. We find the perfect system for opti­mi­zed product presen­ta­tion for all products. Our push feed systems guaran­tee excel­lent clarity. Instal­la­tion is also straight­for­ward: with few compon­ents and easy moun­ting on all shel­ves in your retail shel­ves. In addi­tion, the systems can be easily adapted to diffe­rent product widths and can be used univer­sally.

Lift and sliding systems for the ideal presentation of products in retail

The presen­ta­tion of goods in retail is parti­cu­larly important in the frozen area, as you gene­rate a lot of sales here through impulse purcha­ses. With the help of suita­ble push-feed systems, you can influence the buying beha­vior of your custo­mers. POS TUNING has deve­lo­ped special goods lift systems for free­zers for this purpose. The goods lift systems consist of a special insert, which you can easily insert into your free­zers. With our goods lift systems, your goods are always lifted directly within reach of your custo­mers.

Like the push feed systems, the POS TUNING sliding system also ensu­res perfect product presen­ta­tion on the shelf front. Even at the sligh­test incline, it ensu­res that your products glide forward gently on the shelf and are thus directly within reach of your shop­pers. If you have any ques­ti­ons about these and other POS systems for opti­mi­zed product presen­ta­tion in retail, please do not hesi­tate to cont­act us.

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