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POS solutions - Making shopping simply better

POS TUNING's POS solutions improve your customers' shopping experience many times over. We want to put your products in the limelight with our POS solutions and ensure an enormous optimisation of your goods presentation at the point of sale. We guarantee 100% visibility from the first to the last product and easy and customer-friendly removal of all products. Searching for the right product for ages was yesterday! - With our product feed systems, your customers will always find the desired product quickly and easily at first glance. Our systems are perfect POS solutions, regardless of the area. The Point of Sale systems are very cost- and time-saving for an optimal presentation of goods in retail. We offer you a comprehensive range to guarantee more success at the point of sale with improved displays and shelves. We have the following Point of Sale systems in our range:

  • Push feed systems
  • Lift systems
  • Gliding systems
  • Shelving systems
  • Shelf displays
  • Shelf lighting
  • Theft prevention systems
  • Digital services

POS Solutions - For the Supermarket

We offer individual POS solutions for every product category. We simplify shelf maintenance expenses for your staff, enhance your customers’ shopping experience and your success at the point of sale. Our range offers shelf systems for all food categories, regardless of their packaging. Our POS solutions put your drinks in the best possible light – whether chilled, non-chilled, large or small. We have merchandise feed and slide systems for beverages in different sizes and shapes, which can be used in normal shelves as well as in refrigerated units. The feed systems ensure a steady front presentation of your non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. We move each of your beverages to the right place with our practical POS solutions. In the frozen food department, not only is optimal shelf arrangement and front presentation of goods important, but also fast and customer-friendly removal of the goods. With our goods feed and lift systems for refrigerators and freezers, every product is easy to reach and your customers and staff no longer have to bend down deep into the freezers.

For fresh and convenience products, a quick sale is of great importance due to short best-before dates. Therefore, you should rely on good POS solutions here. To ensure that no product disappears at the back of the shelf and goes bad, we offer you various product feed systems for optimal visibility at the front of the shelf. Confectionery increasingly belongs to the impulse purchases of shoppers. In order to achieve a higher impulse purchase rate and thus generate a higher turnover, POS solutions such as our product feed or sliding systems are the right decision. In this way, you can achieve a tidy product image.

POS solutions - For the drugstore and tobacco shelves

With our POS solutions, we help you to use the space of your tobacco shelf effectively and to attract the attention of customers with the help of our shelf systems. In addition, we offer various systems specialised in tobacco products for Next Generation products.

In drugstores, shelf maintenance in particular is very time-consuming for employees. Shelves filled with care products should also shine with beauty and show a correspondingly well-kept shelf order. The difficulties that drugstore products in particular present are their different sizes and shapes. We also offer POS solutions for these different shapes, such as various goods feed systems, to make shelf maintenance easier for you.

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