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The POS solution to a successful product placement in your store with POS TUNING

How our pusher system is the POS solution for the order in your store

With our products, we revo­lu­tio­nise the indus­try and offer the ideal POS solu­ti­ons for a perfect visi­bi­lity of your products in store. We guaran­tee a hundred percent opti­mi­zed display of products, so that the over­all image has a tidy and clean look, and the products are perfectly visi­ble for the custo­mer. Shop­ping is always an expe­ri­ence and the costu­mer is used to grab products, that he knows well and that he can easily find. To present new products in a way, that the costu­mer will defi­ni­tely want to try it, is not only depen­dent on the product but also always a ques­tion of presen­ta­tion, that matters in such a substan­tial way, that it should not be under­ra­ted. Our pusher system can easily be built into every shelf and can be used for every product there is. Given the exam­ple of candy bags, which is a depart­ment in a store, that happens to be one of the most admi­red but also messiest depart­ments. Our pusher system, build into the shelf, pulls the candy bags perfectly posi­tio­ned and in order to the front of the shelf, so that it is in line with the other products in the shelf and perfectly visi­ble for the costu­mer, who then can make a quick and easy decis­ion.

Chaotic stores? We have the POS solution

While our POS Tuning System is the perfect way, to make the products look good and to present them in the best way possi­ble, it is also the one very POS solu­tion for a clean store. Chao­tic shel­ves, food and other artic­les flying around in the store, stack­ing up on each other and falling out of place – by constant costu­mer use it is not easy to remain the wanted order. Instead of letting all employees clean constantly and still facing chaos all the time, we install pusher system, so that the store keeps itself tidy and the employees have their time, to do more important tasks, like custo­mer service for exam­ple. With our POS TUNING, we take the whole shop­ping expe­ri­ence to another level, ensure a secure order in the store, and enable a better service system. Given these reasons, we make the best part­ner to opti­mize your store and reno­vate the over­all look of it to the better.

The POS solution for your store and for a good customer shopping experience

In terms of solu­ti­ons for the point of sale in your store, we offer a variety of products that easily opti­mize your store and the shop­ping expe­ri­ence of your custo­mers. Our mission is to create a good envi­ron­ment for happy custo­mers, who will come back to the store they had a good expe­ri­ence in. We are the perfect media­tion between a company, that wants to sell their products and the custo­mer, that wants to be inspi­red. Further­more, we are not only the perfect, but the only company, that produ­ces and sells POS TUNING System like that. Based in Bad Salzu­flen in Germany, where is also the only manu­fac­tory for pusher systems where we manu­fac­ture our products while using modern tech­ni­ques and 3D-Print. We are inno­va­tive, unique and Made in Germany and we guaran­tee to give your store an over­all make­over, that will present every product in the best way possi­ble.

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