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The POS sales system, that has only advantages for your store

How to enhance your point of sale through our POS sales system

With our POS sales system, we reorganise your whole store and enhance the product visibility the best way possible. To make a good and quick decision possible for the customer, the point of sale is the central and most important element in product selling. After seeing chaotic stores and messy shopping environments, where there was no attention given to the point of sale, we developed a POS sales system, that really makes the most out of the point of sale in stores and enables the products to be presented in the best way possible. With this system we order the store and organise it in a clean and tidy way, that welcomes the customer and shows him all the products possible of buying. Through that, we make the perfect mediator between sellers and buyers. The sellers can be sure, that their product is perfectly placed and presented, and the customer can rely on finding the products he needs or even get inspired to try out new products, that have a fair chance of being sold, when presented in that way.

The pushing part of our POS sales system

The POS sales system consists of different elements. The key peace to it, is a simple pusher system, that comes in different sizes for different products and can be built into every shelf. Told by the name already, the pusher system pushes the products to the front of the shelf. The products are now in line and face the customer straight. By integrating multiple pushing systems into one shelf, we are able to order them and place them in line and next to each other. The shelf is now completely in order and the products perfectly displayed and visible for the customer. Through ordering the shelves in your store in that way, it not only changes the whole look and through that also the atmosphere of your store, it also gives your employees time, that they would normally use to clean the store, to devote themselves to more important tasks, like customer service, which also ameliorates the whole shopping experience for the customer.

How to control everything in store, with our POS sales system

Enabling a better shopping experience for the customer through our POS sales system, is our main mission. We want to make the shopping experience as successful as possible, so that we have customers that are happy and come back to the store, they felt good in. But not only is our POS sales system the perfect base for a good shopping experience for the customer, but also for you as a store owner. Supplemented by the sensory element Stock Beacon, that tracks the fullness of the shelf via modern laser technology, we complete our POS sales system and offer you the perfect and easiest way, to track your stock of products. The Stock Beacon is connected to a neoalto retail service could, that saves the information given by the Stock Beacon and gives you the perfect control over every single product placed in your store. Our pusher system paired with the sensory element Stock Beacon makes the perfect ensemble for a successful POS sales system in your store.

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