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Perfect POS presentation pushes your sales

A perfect POS presen­ta­tion is the key to success and pushes your sales. POS TUNING offers you many diffe­rent opti­ons and systems to opti­mise your product presen­ta­tion. We make sure that your shel­ves always look attrac­tive, clear and well-main­tai­ned, so that the custo­mer is attrac­ted and the shelf main­ten­ance effort is redu­ced. With a successful POS presen­ta­tion, you will achieve an increase in the impulse purchase rate with the help of the systems from POS TUNING and thus an increase in your sales rate and turno­ver. Espe­ci­ally in the area of sweets, conve­ni­ence products and chil­led drinks, the impulse purchase rate can be increased by a perfect presen­ta­tion at the point of sale.

In addi­tion to incre­asing the impulse purchase rate, opti­mi­sed product presen­ta­tion offers many other advan­ta­ges:

  • Opti­mal visi­bi­lity from the first to the last product
  • Simpli­fied orien­ta­tion for your shop­pers
  • Auto­ma­tic product presence at the shelf front
  • Custo­mer-friendly removal of products/goods
  • Greatly redu­ced shelf main­ten­ance
  • Easy stocking of goods
  • Opti­mum avai­la­bi­lity of goods
  • Out-of-stock situa­tions are easier to avoid

Our systems for your optimal POS presentation

Product feed systems are best suited for an opti­mal POS presen­ta­tion of the products within sight and reach of your shop­pers. Shop­pers usually decide on a product at the point of sale in a matter of seconds. With our merchan­dise push systems, your items are right where the custo­mer is looking for them, at the front of the shelf. With the help of the product pushers, you achieve 100% visi­bi­lity in the attrac­tive POS presen­ta­tion. POS TUNING offers many diffe­rent opti­ons of push systems, which are suita­ble for products of diffe­rent sizes and pack­a­ging. In addi­tion, we offer you the possi­bi­lity of deve­lo­ping indi­vi­dual combi­na­ti­ons of diffe­rent product feed systems from our POS‑T cons­truc­tion kit.

In addi­tion to product feed systems, there are also product lift systems. These are very common for opti­mi­sed POS presen­ta­tion, espe­ci­ally in the area of frozen goods. With a special insert, which you can install perfectly and very easily in your free­zer cabi­nets at the POS, your goods are always directly available without barriers in the reach of your shop­pers. The POS‑T VARUS sliding system also enables an opti­mal POS presen­ta­tion at the shelf front. With its unique surface, the sliding system allows your products to slide forward even with a mini­mal incli­na­tion of the shel­ves. This means that your products are posi­tio­ned precis­ely within the view and reach of your shop­pers.

System components for your POS presentation

In addi­tion to Point of Sale systems for opti­mal POS presen­ta­tion, there are other system compon­ents that contri­bute to opti­mi­sed shelf orga­ni­sa­tion and presen­ta­tion. With our shelf divi­ders, you can create opti­mal orien­ta­tion on your shelf. In addi­tion, the POS presen­ta­tion is signi­fi­cantly opti­mi­sed through clear struc­tu­ring with the help of the shelf divi­ders. The shopper’s search and access times are shor­tened and the impulse purchase rate is increased. The POS TUNING front panels ensure that the goods are held secu­rely in place during the POS presen­ta­tion. Regard­less of whether the products are put away, pulled forward or remo­ved in a custo­mer-friendly manner, the front panels always ensure a secure hold on the shelf and, at the same time, opti­mum visi­bi­lity of the products. With our product chutes, we ensure opti­mum presen­ta­tion at the point of sale even for the smal­lest products. These are parti­cu­larly suita­ble for small goods or products without pack­a­ging, such as cosme­tics in travel size, give-aways or indi­vi­du­ally packa­ged confec­tion­ery. The product trays offer a perfect POS presen­ta­tion, espe­ci­ally in the coun­ter or check­out area.

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