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Perfect POS presentation pushes your sales

A perfect POS presentation is the key to success and pushes your sales. POS TUNING offers you many different options and systems to optimise your product presentation. We make sure that your shelves always look attractive, clear and well-maintained, so that the customer is attracted and the shelf maintenance effort is reduced. With a successful POS presentation, you will achieve an increase in the impulse purchase rate with the help of the systems from POS TUNING and thus an increase in your sales rate and turnover. Especially in the area of sweets, convenience products and chilled drinks, the impulse purchase rate can be increased by a perfect presentation at the point of sale.

In addition to increasing the impulse purchase rate, optimised product presentation offers many other advantages:

  • Optimal visibility from the first to the last product
  • Simplified orientation for your shoppers
  • Automatic product presence at the shelf front
  • Customer-friendly removal of products/goods
  • Greatly reduced shelf maintenance
  • Easy stocking of goods
  • Optimum availability of goods
  • Out-of-stock situations are easier to avoid

Our systems for your optimal POS presentation

Product feed systems are best suited for an optimal POS presentation of the products within sight and reach of your shoppers. Shoppers usually decide on a product at the point of sale in a matter of seconds. With our merchandise push systems, your items are right where the customer is looking for them, at the front of the shelf. With the help of the product pushers, you achieve 100% visibility in the attractive POS presentation. POS TUNING offers many different options of push systems, which are suitable for products of different sizes and packaging. In addition, we offer you the possibility of developing individual combinations of different product feed systems from our POS-T construction kit.

In addition to product feed systems, there are also product lift systems. These are very common for optimised POS presentation, especially in the area of frozen goods. With a special insert, which you can install perfectly and very easily in your freezer cabinets at the POS, your goods are always directly available without barriers in the reach of your shoppers. The POS-T VARUS sliding system also enables an optimal POS presentation at the shelf front. With its unique surface, the sliding system allows your products to slide forward even with a minimal inclination of the shelves. This means that your products are positioned precisely within the view and reach of your shoppers.

System components for your POS presentation

In addition to Point of Sale systems for optimal POS presentation, there are other system components that contribute to optimised shelf organisation and presentation. With our shelf dividers, you can create optimal orientation on your shelf. In addition, the POS presentation is significantly optimised through clear structuring with the help of the shelf dividers. The shopper’s search and access times are shortened and the impulse purchase rate is increased. The POS TUNING front panels ensure that the goods are held securely in place during the POS presentation. Regardless of whether the products are put away, pulled forward or removed in a customer-friendly manner, the front panels always ensure a secure hold on the shelf and, at the same time, optimum visibility of the products. With our product chutes, we ensure optimum presentation at the point of sale even for the smallest products. These are particularly suitable for small goods or products without packaging, such as cosmetics in travel size, give-aways or individually packaged confectionery. The product trays offer a perfect POS presentation, especially in the counter or checkout area.

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