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Simply and effective – our POS installation

Getting the best customer shopping experience with our POS installation

With our POS installation, we optimize the point of sale in your store and through that enhance the whole shopping atmosphere for the customer. For a successful selling of products, it is important to really focus on the point of sale. The point of sale is the place, where the customer sees the product and where he makes the decision whether to buy a product, or not. Customers oftentimes do not have a lot of time while shopping and wants to make easy and quick decisions, to have a successful shopping experience. What they do not need is a chaotic store, where products fly around and they have to search for the things they need, which can be stressful and also takes time. With our POS installation, we clean up the stores and optimize the point of sale for you and your customers in a way, that makes it especially easy to find the products needed and also present them in the best way possible.

The pusher system as the base of the POS installation

The POS installation, that we invented, is as simple as effective and really changes the whole look and atmosphere of your store with just one easy mechanism. Consisting of a simple pusher system, it comes in different sizes for different products and can be built into every shelf. The POS installation pushes the products to the front of the shelf, so that it stands up and faces the customer straight. In that way, the product is perfectly visible for the customer and placed in a perfect order. Standing in line with the other products in the shelf, the customer can see every product, compare, and make an easy decision. Presenting in that way also gives new products a fair chance to be seen by customers, who always wants to be inspired and to try new things. Ordering every product in every shelf also cleans up the whole store and gives it a tidy display. If a customer now enters a store, he will find himself in a tidy and calm environment which naturally radiates a relaxed atmosphere for a good shopping experience.

Completing the POS installation with the Stock Beacon

The POS installation can then also be supplemented by the sensory element Stock Beacon, to really optimize the point of sale. The Stock Beacon is built into our pusher system and tracks the stock of products, that are in the shelf, with a modern laser technique. Connected to the neoalto retail cloud, the Stock Beacon submits the tracked information in real time. Through that, you as a store owner, always have an overview of the products in your store and you can track your stock of products in an easy and digital way. Through this system, we make sure, that no products get lost and we lower the waste of products. All our products are made, to simplify the process of keeping and order in your store and to really optimize it in every way. Optimizing a store means optimizing the customer shopping experience, which is our main mission.

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