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We make the most out of your point of sale in food

The POS food – the base for a good shopping experience

With our pusher system, we guarantee the maximum optimization of your point of sale in the food section in your store. Through that, we will not only get the best presentation of your products possible, but we also ameliorate the whole shopping experience for the customer. How we do that, is simply explained. Our main mission is to really create the best shopping experience for the customers and to enable that, we really observed what it takes to create an atmosphere, that welcomes the customer and where he feels good in. The first thing that we noticed was, that the order of a store is one of the main factors, that determine the overall look and therefore also the overall atmosphere of a store. Messy stores radiate a chaotic and stressful mood which also makes the whole shopping stressful. We decided to start there and to change the store display into a better and tidier one. To change a whole store and the whole shopping experience, we developed a simple mechanism, that is now the base of a company.

Our pusher system – the revolution for your POS food

Consisting of a simple pusher system, this mechanism can be built into every shelf and is a needed addition, especially at the point of sale in the food section. The food section is the biggest and most diverse in a grocery store. In shelves and fridges, you find different types of food, different varieties, and types of every product. Between these options, the customer must find what he needs and wants and most of the time, he needs to find the products quickly. If the shelves are chaotic, it is simply annoying and takes time, which frustrates the customer and creates a negative shopping experience. In comes our pusher system, that takes all the products, orders them in line and pushes them to the front of the shelf. The product is now perfectly displayed at the point of sale in the food section and easily visible for the customer. He also sees the products standing next to each other in a clean order, so that he can make an easy and quick decision.

Optimizing the POS food through Stock Beacon

To really improve your point of sale in food, we pair our pushing system with an innovative sensory element, that tracks the stock of products in your shelf with the help of modern laser technology. The sensory element Stock Beacon is built into the pusher system and connected to a cloud. With the laser technology, it tracks the fulness of the shelf and sends the information in Realtime to the cloud, where you can see the stock of your shelves. Through this system, you really have the perfect overview of your store and the products in it. We reduce waste and you are able to track easily what you sell. With our pushing system paired with the Stock Beacon, we optimize your point of sale of food in your store effectively and enable a tidy and calm atmosphere for a good shopping experience for the customer.

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