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We will be there when the doors of the world’s largest trade fair for the tobacco industry open in September! As a long-standing partner of the tobacco industry, we always have the right solution for optimal product presentation at the point of sale.

Visit us on site and find out about the latest developments. We are looking forward to meeting you!


15. – 17.09.2022



“Dark market” and optimal shelf space utilization are the focus at POS TUNING.


We will be presenting a broad range of solutions at InterTabac.

Bad Salzuflen. (bre) This year, POS TUNING once again shows itself to be the competent partner for the most diverse demands in the presentation of tobacco or tobacco alternative products. With classic as well as digital solutions, we manage to showcase both traditional and modern products on the tobacco shelf in the best possible way.

These key topics await visitors to POS TUNING at InterTabac.

Combination of tradition and future

Traditional merchandise presentationcombined with smart digital technology tells the user when a facing will be empty before it is empty. It also determines how high the shelf stock (inventory level) is or how the different (new) products are performing. Not only can out-of-stock situations be avoided, but inventory analyses can also be performed in real time. This digital technology is shown by POS TUNING in hall 6 booth 6.G01.

Shelf space vs. product variety

Shelf space is increasingly becoming a challenge for the future. This is especially about presenting the multitude of new products, such as HNB, Liquid Pods, Liquids, Oraltobacco, or Shisha tobacco in the 20g variety, in a space-saving way on the tobacco shelf. Because whether it’s cardboard boxes, pouches, cans or the growing e-shisha category, existing items should not be discontinued and thus the space requirement is growing. However, the shelf does not grow with it. POS TUNING shows how the modular duplex system can be used to place products in a sales-boosting way, single, double or triple on top of each other, lying, standing or sideways. Nothing is impossible.

20% more space in the same area

Glass shelves were introduced to the market as a standard in tobacco product presentation by POS TUNING and have established themselves as the optimal solution. Due to the low height of only 8 mm, very low tier spacing can be realized, which contributes to optimal shelf utilization. This is where POS TUNING comes in again, increasing this shelf capacity by up to 20% on the same shelf space. This is made possible by the new Duplex XL system from POS TUNING. This saves resources at the same time, because fewer glass shelves and metal brackets are needed.

Dark Market or “Make 3 from 1

In many countries outside Germany, the “dark market” is already everyday practice. Products are presented behind a visual barrier. As a result, the service counter is increasingly becoming the focal point for the presentation of goods. The challenge is to fit the multitude of different items into the very limited counter space. POS TUNING shows how several different varieties can be placed in a row under the counter.


POS TUNING shows at InterTabac product feed systems made of renewable raw materials (bioplastics). The Lippe-based company is also presenting a fabric feed system that consists of just one plastic (monomaterial) and is particularly easy to recycle.

Ready to shelf

Time is precious. Customers are increasingly asking for systems that are faster and easier to install. POS TUNING has developed a concept with the Ready to Shelf system that can fulfill these wishes. Pre-installed components can be placed on the shelf in no time at all. This saves time and costs.