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We will be there when the doors of the world’s largest trade fair for the tobacco indus­try open in Septem­ber! As a long-stan­ding part­ner of the tobacco indus­try, we always have the right solu­tion for opti­mal product presen­ta­tion at the point of sale.

Visit us on site and find out about the latest deve­lo­p­ments. We are looking forward to meeting you!


15. — 17.09.2022



“Dark market” and optimal shelf space utilization are the focus at POS TUNING.


We will be presen­ting a broad range of solu­ti­ons at Inter­Ta­bac.

Bad Salzu­flen. (bre) This year, POS TUNING once again shows itself to be the compe­tent part­ner for the most diverse demands in the presen­ta­tion of tobacco or tobacco alter­na­tive products. With clas­sic as well as digi­tal solu­ti­ons, we manage to show­case both tradi­tio­nal and modern products on the tobacco shelf in the best possi­ble way.

These key topics await visi­tors to POS TUNING at Inter­Ta­bac.

Combination of tradition and future

Tradi­tio­nal merchan­dise presen­ta­tioncombi­ned with smart digi­tal tech­no­logy tells the user when a facing will be empty before it is empty. It also deter­mi­nes how high the shelf stock (inven­tory level) is or how the diffe­rent (new) products are performing. Not only can out-of-stock situa­tions be avoided, but inven­tory analy­ses can also be perfor­med in real time. This digi­tal tech­no­logy is shown by POS TUNING in hall 6 booth 6.G01.

Shelf space vs. product variety

Shelf space is incre­asingly beco­ming a chall­enge for the future. This is espe­ci­ally about presen­ting the multi­tude of new products, such as HNB, Liquid Pods, Liquids, Oral­to­b­acco, or Shisha tobacco in the 20g variety, in a space-saving way on the tobacco shelf. Because whether it’s card­board boxes, pouches, cans or the growing e‑shisha cate­gory, exis­ting items should not be discon­tin­ued and thus the space requi­re­ment is growing. Howe­ver, the shelf does not grow with it. POS TUNING shows how the modu­lar duplex system can be used to place products in a sales-boos­ting way, single, double or triple on top of each other, lying, stan­ding or side­ways. Nothing is impos­si­ble.

20% more space in the same area

Glass shel­ves were intro­du­ced to the market as a stan­dard in tobacco product presen­ta­tion by POS TUNING and have estab­lished them­sel­ves as the opti­mal solu­tion. Due to the low height of only 8 mm, very low tier spacing can be reali­zed, which contri­bu­tes to opti­mal shelf utiliza­tion. This is where POS TUNING comes in again, incre­asing this shelf capa­city by up to 20% on the same shelf space. This is made possi­ble by the new Duplex XL system from POS TUNING. This saves resour­ces at the same time, because fewer glass shel­ves and metal brackets are needed.

Dark Market or “Make 3 from 1

In many count­ries outside Germany, the “dark market” is alre­ady ever­y­day prac­tice. Products are presen­ted behind a visual barrier. As a result, the service coun­ter is incre­asingly beco­ming the focal point for the presen­ta­tion of goods. The chall­enge is to fit the multi­tude of diffe­rent items into the very limi­ted coun­ter space. POS TUNING shows how seve­ral diffe­rent varie­ties can be placed in a row under the coun­ter.


POS TUNING shows at Inter­Ta­bac product feed systems made of rene­wa­ble raw mate­ri­als (biopla­s­tics). The Lippe-based company is also presen­ting a fabric feed system that consists of just one plas­tic (mono­ma­te­rial) and is parti­cu­larly easy to recy­cle.

Ready to shelf

Time is precious. Custo­mers are incre­asingly asking for systems that are faster and easier to install. POS TUNING has deve­lo­ped a concept with the Ready to Shelf system that can fulfill these wishes. Pre-instal­led compon­ents can be placed on the shelf in no time at all. This saves time and costs.

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