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Optimal product presentation increases your impulse purchase rate

Do you want to improve your product placement? Whether retail, branded or tobacco goods. POS TUNING has the perfect point of sale systems for optimal product placement for all your goods. Merchandise presentation is crucial in many sales channels – not only in supermarkets, but also in petrol stations, drugstores or your kiosk around the corner. Especially with items such as sweets, chilled drinks or convenience products, product placement is very important, as shoppers usually make impulse purchases here. They decide on one of the products directly in front of the shelf in a matter of seconds. Understandably, this is mainly the case for products that are in the shopper’s field of vision and reach. Poor product placement and presentation of goods quickly cause disappointment in customers when they cannot find the item they are spontaneously looking for. In the case of sweets, chilled drinks and convenience products, not only the impulse purchase rate but also the variety of products is increasing. Visual gaps, because products are hidden by others, or real gaps, because shelves were not restocked quickly enough by retail staff, result in sales losses that would have been prevented by optimised product placement. This is why many retailers ask themselves: How can I ensure optimal product placement for my shoppers despite the high variety of products and an increasing impulse purchase rate? This is where POS TUNING’s Point of Sale systems come into play.

Systems for perfect product placement

The most popular point of sale system for perfect product placement in retail is the push feed system. With POS TUNING’s push feed systems, your items are always placed exactly where the customer is looking for them – directly at the shelf front. We offer you the right push feed system for optimal push presentation for every product. POS TUNING offers a wide range of merchandise systems. In addition, we offer you to develop individual combinations of different push feed systems from our POS-T construction kit. The packaging can be freely designed, even the material of the packaging is irrelevant. With our help, we place each of your goods directly in the shopper’s field of vision and reach. In addition to product feed systems, POS TUNING also offers product lifts and gliding systems for optimal product placement. POS TUNING has developed special goods lift systems especially for freezers. The goods lift systems consist of a special insert which you can easily insert into your freezers. With our product lift systems, your products are always directly in sight and within reach of your customers. The gliding system from POS TUNING, like the product lift systems, also ensures perfect product presentation at the front of the shelf. Even with a minimal inclination, it ensures that your products slide gently forwards on the shelf and are thus directly within the reach of your shoppers.

What are the benefits of perfect product placement?

Optimised product placement minimises shelf maintenance and ensures an orderly shelf appearance. The improved accessibility and visibility of products encourages customers to make more impulse purchases and provides an improved shopping experience. These aspects, combined with customer-friendly removal, ensure that higher sales can be recorded. Our POS TUNING team will be happy to advise you and convince you of our systems for perfect product placement in your store.

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