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Optimal product presentation increases your impulse purchase rate

Do you want to improve your product place­ment? Whether retail, bran­ded or tobacco goods. POS TUNING has the perfect point of sale systems for opti­mal product place­ment for all your goods. Merchan­dise presen­ta­tion is crucial in many sales chan­nels — not only in super­mar­kets, but also in petrol stati­ons, drugs­to­res or your kiosk around the corner. Espe­ci­ally with items such as sweets, chil­led drinks or conve­ni­ence products, product place­ment is very important, as shop­pers usually make impulse purcha­ses here. They decide on one of the products directly in front of the shelf in a matter of seconds. Under­stan­d­a­bly, this is mainly the case for products that are in the shopper’s field of vision and reach. Poor product place­ment and presen­ta­tion of goods quickly cause disap­point­ment in custo­mers when they cannot find the item they are spon­ta­neously looking for. In the case of sweets, chil­led drinks and conve­ni­ence products, not only the impulse purchase rate but also the variety of products is incre­asing. Visual gaps, because products are hidden by others, or real gaps, because shel­ves were not resto­cked quickly enough by retail staff, result in sales losses that would have been preven­ted by opti­mi­sed product place­ment. This is why many retail­ers ask them­sel­ves: How can I ensure opti­mal product place­ment for my shop­pers despite the high variety of products and an incre­asing impulse purchase rate? This is where POS TUNING’s Point of Sale systems come into play.

Systems for perfect product placement

The most popu­lar point of sale system for perfect product place­ment in retail is the push feed system. With POS TUNING’s push feed systems, your items are always placed exactly where the custo­mer is looking for them — directly at the shelf front. We offer you the right push feed system for opti­mal push presen­ta­tion for every product. POS TUNING offers a wide range of merchan­dise systems. In addi­tion, we offer you to deve­lop indi­vi­dual combi­na­ti­ons of diffe­rent push feed systems from our POS‑T cons­truc­tion kit. The pack­a­ging can be freely desi­gned, even the mate­rial of the pack­a­ging is irrele­vant. With our help, we place each of your goods directly in the shopper’s field of vision and reach. In addi­tion to product feed systems, POS TUNING also offers product lifts and gliding systems for opti­mal product place­ment. POS TUNING has deve­lo­ped special goods lift systems espe­ci­ally for free­zers. The goods lift systems consist of a special insert which you can easily insert into your free­zers. With our product lift systems, your products are always directly in sight and within reach of your custo­mers. The gliding system from POS TUNING, like the product lift systems, also ensu­res perfect product presen­ta­tion at the front of the shelf. Even with a mini­mal incli­na­tion, it ensu­res that your products slide gently forwards on the shelf and are thus directly within the reach of your shop­pers.

What are the benefits of perfect product placement?

Opti­mi­sed product place­ment mini­mi­ses shelf main­ten­ance and ensu­res an orderly shelf appearance. The impro­ved acces­si­bi­lity and visi­bi­lity of products encou­ra­ges custo­mers to make more impulse purcha­ses and provi­des an impro­ved shop­ping expe­ri­ence. These aspects, combi­ned with custo­mer-friendly removal, ensure that higher sales can be recor­ded. Our POS TUNING team will be happy to advise you and convince you of our systems for perfect product place­ment in your store.

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