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Efficient solutions for canned food

Optimize your canned food shelf

Push your sales

Especially in the category of canned goods there is a rapid sale. This requires regular shelf maintenance to ensure that no product is overlooked at the back of the shelf and out of reach for the customer. With a product feed system, all cans are always visible at the very front of the shelf.


Poor visibility and orientation for shoppers
as well as a messy fabric

Konserven POS Lösung

Perfect visibility to the last product
and neat fabric

Your advantages with the POS TUNING product feed system for your canning shelf

Especially in the category of canned goods there is a rapid sale.

If the merchandise tips over in the back shelf area, it is often overlooked and cannot be purchased. In addition to lost sales and increased markdowns, hygiene can suffer as a result.
Shelf maintenance is particularly high to keep all products at the front of the shelf at all times.

Permanent front presentation and permanent visibility of the products due to product feed.
Flexible use even with planogram changes
Easy installation due to ready-to-shelf sets
Easy handling - during filling and removal
Perfect visibility to the last product on the shelf
Better orientation for your customers
Optical upgrade of the complete category
Significantly reduced shelf maintenance effort

Shelf ready systems on the subject of canned food

Our systems are versatile for all your canned products and are delivered ready for the shelf.

Shelf ready? What does that mean? We want to optimize processes and give you time. Thanks to our new innovative solution, installations and conversions are now not only faster, but also much easier. Shelf-ready systems make it possible.

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