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Efficient solutions for canned food

Optimize your canned food shelf

Push your sales

Espe­ci­ally in the cate­gory of canned goods there is a rapid sale. This requi­res regu­lar shelf main­ten­ance to ensure that no product is over­loo­ked at the back of the shelf and out of reach for the custo­mer. With a product feed system, all cans are always visi­ble at the very front of the shelf.


Poor visi­bi­lity and orien­ta­tion for shop­pers
as well as a messy fabric

Konserven POS Lösung

Perfect visi­bi­lity to the last product
and neat fabric

Your advantages with the POS TUNING product feed system for your canning shelf

Especially in the category of canned goods there is a rapid sale.

If the merchan­dise tips over in the back shelf area, it is often over­loo­ked and cannot be purcha­sed. In addi­tion to lost sales and increased mark­downs, hygiene can suffer as a result.
Shelf main­ten­ance is parti­cu­larly high to keep all products at the front of the shelf at all times.

Permanent front presentation and permanent visibility of the products due to product feed.
Flexi­ble use even with plano­gram chan­ges
Easy instal­la­tion due to ready-to-shelf sets
Easy hand­ling — during filling and removal
Perfect visi­bi­lity to the last product on the shelf
Better orien­ta­tion for your custo­mers
Opti­cal upgrade of the complete cate­gory
Signi­fi­cantly redu­ced shelf main­ten­ance effort

Shelf ready systems on the subject of canned food

Our systems are versa­tile for all your canned products and are deli­vered ready for the shelf.

Shelf ready? What does that mean? We want to opti­mize proces­ses and give you time. Thanks to our new inno­va­tive solu­tion, instal­la­ti­ons and conver­si­ons are now not only faster, but also much easier. Shelf-ready systems make it possi­ble.

The follo­wing tiles will take you to the cata­log pages of your desi­red cate­gory. Alter­na­tively, you can use the inquiry and order form to request a quota­tion for a mate­rial feed system directly or order it directly.

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